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Michelle Wie Adopts Gluten-Free Diet Plan

US Golfer Michelle Wie has started a gluten free diet after being inspired by the results achieved by Novak Djokovic, the Worlds No 1 Tenmis Player.

Wie recently revealed on a social media website that she is susceptible to allergy and often faces trouble gripping the club.

And commented at on her allergies at the 2012 HSBC Women’s Champions press conference:

“I am allergic to everything in this world, I don’t really digest food very well,” Wie said.

“So I just thought maybe if I cut out gluten, I can feel better because I heard that it causes inflammation, everything… but it’s been week three and I feel a big difference.

“You know, my joints don’t feel sore as much, I digest food a lot better, my hands feel less swollen so I feel really good.”